“My girlfriend is demanding for ₦200k before I can see a picture of my new born son” – Nigerian Guy laments.. and he needs your advise + See Their Whatsapp Conversation (PHOTOS + Read FULL Story)

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The story is quite a sad one and at the same an eye opener!

A Nigerian guy (Name withheld) who is in a confused state has written exclusively to us to help him share his story.

He says his girlfriend (now babymama) is demanding the sum of N200,000 Naira before he can see a picture of his baby. One thing you should know is that He didn’t know when his girlfriend put to bed because of her passive-aggressive towards him.

You’ll need to read his story to fully digest what actually happened before judging him.

Sometime last year! My girlfriend got pregnant for me, we both school in Ghana!! (“Name of school withheld”)

We dated for like 2 months before we both traveled to Nigeria on vacation, a month later she found out that she was pregnant & told me.. We both agreed to keep the pregnancy, but the thing is, throughout our stay in Nigeria she never met my mum because we’re both from different States..

The girl persuaded me to tell my mom about the pregnancy.. I did just that.. My girlfriend spoke with my mom & she asked her to keep the pregnancy..

A month later we both returned back to Ghana, & she started acting funny, she was avoiding me… Whenever I call, she doesn’t pick up & when she eventually does, the first word she utters is “what”?

This continued for quite some time.. So, I gave up calling her.. 6 months later, I traveled back to Nigeria to see my mom, and went back to Ghana.. I bought baby stuffs for my unborn baby & called her to come collect it.. she came around, I gave her the baby stuffs with some money.. Weeks later I called her to come collect another money, but she refused insisting that I must bring the money to her myself.. This brought up another quarrel & we both stop communicating till February this year when she called me in the early hours of 6am that she has put to bed…

I rushed down to the the hospital with my friend to give her some money & also see my baby, ( a son ).. But surprisingly she didn’t let me touch the boy or snap him, she ended up embarrassing me & went as far as refusing the money I gave her. I had no other option than to drop the money beside the baby, & quietly walked away with my friend… Hours later I called to confirm from her if she’s still at the hospital or if she has returned home… But she just hissed & hunged up on me…this continued till I gave up on her & the boy….

Fast forward to months later…

November to be precise!! We’ve been chatting on WhatsApp, all I want is to take care of my son since she insist I am the father of her baby, the only time I set my eyes on my son was at the hospital, & ever since then I haven’t set eyes on him again.. Right now I am so curious to know what my boy looks like…but she wouldn’t just show me a picture of my son…. Funny thing is she’s demanding for 200k: two hundred thousand naira before she can send me a picture of my son. Me being curious to know what my son looks like now, I offered to pay her 800ghc & later made it 1000ghc which is about 100 thousand naira, but she insists that I must pay 200 thousand naira..

Right now I’m confused and I need your advise. Should I bribe her to see my own son’s pictures or I shouldn’t?

See our whatsapp conversation below:













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  1. My dear to be sincere with u I dnt really think that the baby belongs to you but since the mother proclaimed that the baby is yours n she is foolishly behaving like a tout by demanding for money before you can set your eyes on ur baby (if only its yours) so my own advice is that you should be a “MAN” thou I knw its difficult but zero ur mind from checkin on her and let’s see whose baby dat de world will leta call “Bastard” also who among the both of u will wear de shame (but trust me if de baby is urs surely he will come bak to u one day) abi no be 9ja we dey? Bobo wake up

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