Open letter to Ooni of Ife my indisputable role model- young Nigerian

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A Letter to My King, My Role Model

Ooni of Ife, My Indisputable Role Model

For years as a bright and ambitious teenager, I’ve been searching endlessly for “my indisputable role model”. Then when 2015 was about packing her loads, the news of your impending and imminent arrival as the new Oonirisa, number one citizen of Oodua nation, Arole-Oduduwa and infallible Imperial Royal Majesty of the highest and most precious throne of the Yoruba race hits the nooks and crannies of the world as if it’s the second coming of Christ!

As a young and vibrant youth, I was so excited that history is about to be made during my existence. Prior to your coronation, I made research (Internet, Facts and History about your Royal Highness), studied you as if it’s a 100 units course in which I must get an A and at the end of the day, I was over joyous that I have found the black diamond I’ve been desperately searching for. If I had money, I would have thrown a little party for my friends to celebrate with me over this awesome findings of a young man of impeccable wisdom, unquestionable character, resourceful business man, philanthropist, great accountant, real estate developer and a God fearing king to be.

Immediately after the unforgettable coronation of your majesty, through dreams and visions it was as if all the political parties present in my youthful life voted for His Imperial Majesty Oonirisa Oba Adeyeye Enitan Babatunde Ogunwusi as my indisputable role model. To be candid your majesty, ever since then you became the smaller god after the Most High God in my life, my life has continued to transform for good and your ability and desire of affecting lives positively has been infused/transmitted into my blood, body and soul. Time will not permit your humble son to disclose all what your personality has taught and done for me but I will explain some.

Your honour ascended the throne of your fore fathers at the youthful age of 40. And during the hey days of your youth (you are still and forever a youth your highness) you faced a lot of challenges in life, you fathered a daughter at the age of 19, you started petty trades/small entrepreneurship to cater for your lovely daughter and more that time won’t permit me to mention. To God be the glory, during these hey days of yours you achieved so many achievements worth mentioning –  a great accountant, entrepreneur and a real estate developer. But I believe one thing stands out in achieving all these, and that is Wisdom and the fear of God. Your majesty, these are the things i have learnt from you about WISDOM which happens to by my middle name:

* Any change/transformation and achievement that is not by wisdom is short lived. (The change we are experiencing in Ife and the Yoruba nation).

* Legacies are by wisdom. (Your footprints are everywhere)

* Where there is foolishness, there is barrenness and where there is fruitfulness, there is wisdom. (Oodua nation is exhibiting progression not recession)

* When wisdom meets you at any level, it places you at the top because wisdom starts from the top. (Your Highness was once a nobody/normal Prince).

* Wisdom is a work of grace (You are enjoying unexpirable grace from the Most High God).

* Wisdom gives you unfair advantages over others. (Your Royal Stool/Throne is set above all others).

* It is only the wisdom that comes from above that can make you superior (No wonder of your undying love for Eledumare).

* If you don’t have faith, you can never have wisdom. (Your Majesty Sir, I named you King Faith)

Hmmmm, Your Majesty if I should continue to pour out what you’ve taught me (actually learnt from your life) about wisdom, BBCNews will be forced to interview your son on this matter. There are so many things I have learnt, that I am still learning and that I will learn from you my Royal Father. Even the Vanguard Newspaper described you as “an astute entrepreneur driven by turning impossibilities to possibilities’’. And above all things is your undying and undisputed love for the King of Kings, GOD Most High which intrigues me a lot and disturb some ignoramuses till date. You are so much celebrated and appreciated my King!

My dreams of becoming a Builder/Engineer, world renowned Event Planner, Writer, Philanthropist, Statesman and God fearing citizen of Oodua nation and my country Nigeria is already on the path of actualization and greatly influenced by your nobility my King. Even though i am not of royal blood, your impact in my life has transformed me from being called “Gaga” to being called a “Legend”.

After God, you are next in directing and influencing my life and career, I pray that the anointing of grace and wisdom over your life and descendant will never run dry. (Amen).

With unspeakable joy in my heart, i am saying thank you very much Sir for being my “Indisputable Role Model”.

I have a wish for this year’s yuletide season gift from you Kabiyesi, I want to celebrate my Xmas with your Imperial Royal Majesty in your majestic and beautiful palace called Ile Oodua. Make my dream come true my King.

I have never had a reason to regret in my life all thanks to God, but i am afraid my request won’t come anytime soon (with tears of a writer) because this set piece written by my humble self must get and be read by his Imperial Royal Majesty Oonirisa Arole-Oduduwa Oba Adeyeye Enitan Babatunde Ogunwusi Ojaja II, Ooni of Ife [Father of the Yoruba race]

My loving regards to my Queen Olori Wuraola Ogunwusi and entire Ile Oodua.

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year

Olanipekun Tobiloba Wisdom [Tobinolegend] writes ✍

Kindly rebroadcast with love

Olufemi Olanipekun

Head, News and Current Affairs

Rave 91.7FM

Plot 22/23 Oroki Estate Extension,

Osogbo, Osun State.


Twitter – @FMOlanipekun

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