A White South African Called Nana Addo’s Kente “Shower Curtain” And Ghanaians Are Mad As Hell

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This is Pikkie Greeff.

The national secretary of the South African National Defence Union (SANDU).

pikkie greeff


On Tuesday, January 10, 2016, Pikkie sent out the tweet below wondering why Akufo-Addo was dressed in such a cloth and sat on a stool during his inauguration as the new President of Ghana.

Yeah, really called the lovely Kente a “shower curtain”.


Well, as you can imagine Ghanaians did not take it lightly, and started clapping back at Pikkie for making a mockery of our dear culture.


And here.


He was quickly remindered of the value of the “shower curtain”.


There are those who questioned his sanity.


Some wondered if he had any clue of what “culture” is.


And here.



The racial undertone of his tweet was called out too.


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