BREAKING: Pandemonium I Aso Rock; Buhari Dead, Osinbajo Would Not Take Over Power?? — See Huge Reasons…

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Sometimes past prior there was gossip that President Buhari of Nigeria kicked the bucket in the UK yet many expelled it as a unimportant talk.

Individuals of Nigeria prepare for the most exceedingly bad since it is not talk but rather a reality.

Buhari was hurried out of Nigeria amidst the night two days before his official leave and was flown in an air rescue vehicle to the UK for a noteworthy surgery.

The surgery required that he experience an organ transplant yet his body dismisses the new organ in view of his age. Despite the fact that he is not dead but rather in a vegetable state at this moment.
The specialists really asked him to authoritatively leave since they were not too beyond any doubt of the surgery but rather he declined and proceeded with it. Unfortunately, Buhari did not survive the surgery and the result is being kept a top mystery.

Kindred Nigerians, you are being beguiled right now on the grounds that there is a powerful meeting being completed by Gen. Ibrahim Babangida and the Northern Governors and they are arranging now to evacuate the VP at this very moment.

Boss Obasanjo and Goodluck Jonathan are not some portion of this plot and that is the place there will be inconvenience.

There is a genuine conflict going to occur in Nigeria and it will be awful.

God has uncovered this to me (ASP Adewale SPU) much sooner than Gen. Buhari got into power that he would bite the dust amid his rule.

Something is going to occur in Nigeria and satisfy you individuals ought not trifle with this notice.

Begin purchasing nourishment in the house since it won’t be entertaining.

Bafflingly too I don’t see the VP assuming control on the grounds that there are solid strengths against him as of now.

If you don’t mind BE WARNED.


  1. Whoever made this post here must surely have a mental problem with all the grammatical errors added to it. I was the one who originally wrote this message on my Facebook page where so many people have copied it and are now trying to gain some strange popularity overnight; by adding things to what I originally said.

    Please lets be careful of being greedy for overnight popularity and stop copying people’s post without acknowledging the real author. What I wrote was based on pure intelligence report and on clear prophetic revelations about the future of Nigeria.

    1. wat u wrote is it d truth pls we want to knw cos is very bad to write about a fellow human dat is dead if not so. pls let us knw d truth sir

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