How to upload your own songs on waptrick for free

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Upload your music HERE
Hello World, today i’m gonna teach you guys
how you can upload your own music mp3 to the
popular and in return it’s a
confirmed fact that you would get multiple


Incase i forget [for the noobs] Before i start, i
would love to give a brief and short about
describtion of watrick.
WAPTRICK is the most trusted and popular
source of free mobile content. Waptrick have
made it easy for you to browse, preview, and
download high quality ringtones, movie clips,
games, wallpapers, themes, videos, applications
and lyrics. You can download unlimited mobile
content for FREE!
*** Back to the matter ***
Many Of Us have been downloading music from
waptrick but have no idea that we can also
upload ours.

See how it works:

After this tutorial and a sucessful upload of your
track to waptrick, you dont just have to fold
your arms and watch the track start getting
massive downloads. Remmember every minute,
new tracks are getting in. But dont worry let me
show you how to pin your music at the front
After uploading your music to waptrick, start
sharing your track to social networks, with
friends and families etc.
Try atleast get 10,000 downloads to it and it
would be listed to ” Most Downloaded Music ”
and once that is done **BOOM** your track
would start getting massive downloads and that
shows how popular your track goes. Just chill,
Djs and producers would also get it listed in thier
mixtapes album.. Thats how it is.

**Now How To Upload**

If you visit waptrick, you would see an email
below which can be used to contact them,
Right?? [lol]

Now this is how i do it, i would mail them @ E-
mail : , using the
following way: and when
they see my mail, they upload the track.

Try that and watch out the magic, Make sure
your matches the name of a
popular celeberity e.g: i use Dayveedo@ , and i would rename my track name
from Youngemi – Badman.mp3 to a new song by
davido. #hope you understand the logic?.

Upload your music HERE

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