Why Nigerians must pray for President Buhari rather than wish him dead

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Editor’s note: Tobi Owolabi, the NAIJ.com partner blogger, in this piece explains why Nigerians should stop spreading rumour about President Muhammadu Buhari’s death and asked his handlers to dispel the rumour with concrete evidences.

Tobi Owolabi, is a Lagos-based blogger, a political observer, a consultant and Director of ThriveKonsult

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For some days now, there has been persistence rumour about the death of President Muhammadu Buhari in London. To make matters worse, the president’s handlers even added ‘fuel’ to the growing rumour.

But as a concerned citizen, you will really ask yourself, is President Buhari really dead? All evidences being circulated around are photos and not really live video as many would have expected. Once again, the presidency has let us Nigerians down again. As concerned citizens, we have the right to know the whereabouts and the health status of our president. He is the president of the nation for goodness sake!

However, the good news is that President Buhari is not dead. I don’t believe a president can die in London and the world wouldn’t know about it at least eight hours after (writer Omojuwa alleged).

The not-too-good news is that we don’t know the true status of the president’s health. Anyone can fall sick, so there is nothing wrong if the presidency reveals the true health status of the president.

There is likelihood that the president is hale and hearty but it is important ‎ for the presidency to dispel the rumour of his death or else they will be giving credibility to the rumours.

We Nigerians as well‎ should stop spreading rumours and unconfirmed information. We do ourselves more harm than good when we spread rumours.

In conclusion, nobody wants the repeat of the infamous Yar’Adua saga or else it will spell doom for this country‎. I implore the presidency to come out and dispel this wicked rumour. It’s not good for our democracy. Long live President Buhari! Long Live Nigeria!

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