17 Artists To Watch In 2017

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Each year we earmark some exciting artists that we feel will be impactful in the music industry and 2017 is not an exception.

We bring to you some artists we are excited about going into the year. Some of them are relatively new in the game, some made it on the list based on buzz garnered in 2016 while some made it based on their talent level alone.

Here are the 17 artists to watch out for in 2017

Ceeza Milli 

Ceeza Milli formerly known as Efine is an afro-pop and dancehall act. He garnered some buzz in Ghana during his Uni days when he recorded a few underground mixtapes. His first professional single entitled “Stamina” featured rap heavyweightSarkodie and it did decently well in Ghana.

Ceeza moved back home to Nigeria after he has concluded his studies to pursue his musical dreams, and he has done tremendously well since his return. Steady killing hooks and delivering dope verses on both features and solo efforts.

Ceeza is definitely one of the hot prospects of 2017 and he’s sure one to keep an eye on.


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