MicBurnerz Music Unleashes New Act

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After introducing rappers Strongman and Amerado to the GH Music scene, The MicBurnerz Family is set to unleash a new act and this time around a singer.
The Singer/Songwriter/Producer is known as ‘Desmond Tutu Agyeman Yeboah’ in real life and ‘Dee Tutu ‘ as his stage name.He has already made his presence known on ‘ANO SEE YOU’ with Qweku Ximple , DJ Vibez’s ASANKPANA song which features Amerado and CJ Biggerman, Amerado’s INBOX amongst others.
Dee Tutu is set to release his first official song as a MicBurner title ‘We Dey Win’ featuring Amerado, Ratty GH and Ben Brainy with production from MicBurnerz Music.
Connect with Dee Tutu on all social media platforms today
Facebook: Dee Tutu Burner
Instagram/Twitter: @dee_tutu_burner

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