2Paddys Fans to demonstrate Against Central Music Awards

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Recently, 2Paddys made a move to sue Central Music Awards Managers – 2020 Multimedia for not nominated them to this year ongoing edition while they met all the credentials and requirements set up by the awards managers.

The moment the fan based “Team Ebefa” of 2Paddys  heard their artistes was not part of this year’s edition of Central Music Awards 2017 (CMA17) they had begin to plan a demonstration against the managers. They said, their artistes 2Paddys released tracks which were really enjoyed by them from “Turn Me On” featured by the MTN hitmaker and King of Kofcity – Koo Ntakra and also their Hip-Gospel “So Strong” featured O’Jay.


We are really not happy with the nomination list that was annouced on 28th October, 2017. We were much ready to support 2Paddys in terms of everything for them to win any category that the Central Music Awards managers will fix them. – Leader of Team Ebefa.

The leader of “Team Ebefa” said the demonstration is scheduled on 25th November, 2017 which will be the nominees jam in Agona Swedru main lorry station exactly 8:00pm. He continues that, all Team Ebefa memebers will wear red to represent how wild they are.

We will make sure that we demonstrate on the nominees jam which will be held on 25th November, 2017 in Agona Swedru main lorry station. We are very mean and nothing will stop us. – Leader of Team Ebefa.

2Paddys have spoke to their fans to make sure they do not do anything contraary to the nominees jam during the event to help them smoke pipe with Central Music Awards.

Yes! Yes!! we know Team Ebefa is angry but make sure your angry do not put others unto hot water. We will surely be nominated next year by God’s grace.

2Paddys annouced to their fans to be anticipated for their latest track dropping  on 11th November,2017. The track is doped titled “Village Borga”

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