My Experience at the United Kingdom Port of Entry From Nigeria

I could not purchase PTA from any banks (gtb, first bank, zenith bank) because they stop selling to customers! I bought GBP on Friday 11th from Abuja at the rate of 350 NGN to 1GBP!

I had arrive the UK safely! I used emirate airbus, their services is good but they have baggage wahala, it must not exceed 30kg. I had 4 luggage: 1 LP bag, 1 hand carry-on, 1 box, and a small Ghana must go bag! The Ghana must go bag which contains my basic African oririshe weighed 18kg, and the box weighed 26kg; oboy I wan die, I used this normal weight scaled at home oh b4 leaving, nahim be say that scale I used at home no work. o boy come see trans loading, it is good to go the airport early to avoid rush! I forced many clothes, shoes, even my clipper into my hand luggage and LP bag, good a thing the LP bag is big! After that I gave my hand carry on luggage (becos that hang carry is already weighing 15kg) to one my FAAN official friend to hold 4 me, after passing thru customs, then I went and check in the Ghana must go bag and box, getting my boarding pass; then came pick my hand luggage from my FAAN friend proceeded to immigration; the immigration woman demanded I tipped her, and I told plainly that I am student and that I don’t have much on me, that is wia their game wahala started, he called one guy to come and examine me and that she could not see some info in the computer. The guy ask me to give him the receipts of the fees I made to the school, which I didn’t have; I told him to check my CAS as evidence, na so they take go and around until dem tire, later sent me to see one of their boss, who I took time to explain the process and after looking at admission letter, he let me go!

During boarding, the lady told my hand luggage exceeded, I come razle her small, she demanded I give something, I told her on a normal day I would have love, but toady she should be considerate, that I am going to study and come back make her and Nigeria proud, she just laugh and let me pass!
10hrs to Dubai, I used the 2hr, 30mins gap to locate my terminal in Dubai and flew 7.30hrs to my school city!
spent almost almost 2.30hrs waiting and passing UK Border Force because chinesse students wia much!

my Advice:

Goto the the airport early

Make sure u r with ur CAS and Admission letter

Carry receipts fees u have made if possible

carry also lower denomination of GBP for ur transport fee when arrive UK

If u had much luggage, take a taxi cab, avoid the stress of trains and buses if the ur destination is about 3omins from the airports


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